The 8 Best Bathroom Rugs 2020

The 8 Best Bathroom Rugs 2020

Do you want to add color to a monotonous bathroom? Do you want the soles of your feet no longer cold in the cold winter? Do you want the bathroom to stop slipping? At this time, if you can choose the right bathroom floor mat, then all this is no longer a problem. The right carpet can change the darkest or bleakest space, adding atmosphere and charm to any room. With so many options, how do you choose only one carpet that suits your style?

As a household item, bath mats actually have many functions. They can absorb moisture and dry themselves before mold and bacteria enter. And with the anti-skid material at the bottom, it can stay in one place without sliding in the bathroom.

If you are looking for what I call bedroom carpets, but are troubled by not finding a suitable carpet, then please continue reading this blog to learn more about some of the best bathroom carpets on the market today. We will also explore different types of carpets to meet your different needs, their materials, textures, styles, budgets, and the degree of compatibility with the environment. If you are looking for inspiration, please check out the carpets I have selected for you below. No matter what your bathroom priority is, we will research many options to help you find the ideal bathroom mat.

1. Black Striped Bohemian Hand Woven Bathroom Rug

Price: $17.99

Not only is Black Striped Bohemian Hand Woven Bathroom Rug incredibly soft, but it also absorbs water from your feet very quickly. My feet are dry in seconds when I step out of the shower and onto this bath mat. Plus, the mat itself dries quickly so you don't have to worry about it staying sopping wet all day. Premium Cotton handmade rugs are manual without the aid of machinery. These rugs are known for their durability and have fringes on each end, which can be turned over for more extended usage.

It's also machine washable and you can pop it in the dryer, though, it's probably best to tumble dry on low or hang dry to avoid shrinking. It is cotton, after all.

2. Luxury Chenille Shaggy Non Slip Bathroom Rugs

Price: $27.99

The chenille microfiber material of this bathroom mat absorbs water to keep your floor dry and clean. Since the mat is made from thousands of individual shag microfibers, the mat also dries quickly after absorbing all that moisture. When bath mats skimp on the quick-dry function, mold and bacteria have time to develop, so the material starts to smell when it does eventually dry. Luxury Chenille Shaggy Non-Slip Bathroom Rugs is backed with a non-skid latex layer that will grip any bathroom floor nicely. Step out of the shower or tub without fear of sliding around or wiping out on your way to the towel rack.

Luckily, both the chenille microfiber and the anti-skid latex used in this bath mat are designed to be machine washable to remove stains and freshen up the mat after heavy use. Instructions suggest a cold laundry cycle in your washing machine and hanging flat to dry. Plus, there are various sizes and colors to choose from to match the size and decor of your bathroom.

3. Round Tufted Non-Slip Bath Rug

Price: $29.99

Want a super soft bath mat that comes with a cozy coral velvet feel? Round Tufted Non-Slip Bath Rug are the ones you should be looking for. It has polyurethane memory foam and the outer material is probably the softest one you’ll come across.  After having a cool shower, once your feet will touch the rug, you’ll feel your shower experience has reached its full marks. Shag bath rug features a rubber non-resistant TPR backing, keeping wet feet off of slipper tile and off of a slippery bathroom rug.

The bath mat is easily washable using a washing machine and it won’t lose its quality even if you wash it roughly for years after years. Just make sure you don’t use any chlorine and bleach, and the bath mat will serve you for years.

4. Black and White Ivory Striped Bath Mat

Price: $17.99

Let your feet have the comfort which they never had before. The Utopia bathroom mats will also work as a shield for your feet against the cold and hard floor while you feel that you’re in a spa. Who doesn’t want some admiration of their households by other people, right? You as well as your guests will love to see Black and White Ivory Striped Bath Mat as they come with perfect finishing combined with double stitched edges. This enhances the look as well as the durability of these rugs.  As a result, your mats will have extra strength and thickness and will last for years. So, you don’t have to take the hassle of looking for a new mat once in a while.

The black and white mat is designed specifically for both indoor and outdoor use, and place it in the entryway of your home, living room, bathroom, or kitchen. Vacuum regularly to remove loose dirt and debris that may cause staining, matting, and fuzzing.

5. Tufted Cotton Hand Woven Tassel Area Rug

Price: $17.99

Apart from letting you feel the comfort, the washroom rug will be a better place for your wet foot, especially when you step out from the bathroom. The premium thick microfiber fabric of the rug will prevent water from dripping on your dry, clean floor from your damp feet. After days of use, when you find this bathroom rug dirty or loses its beauty, you can easily revive its good looks and freshness by washing it. The washroom mat is machine washable. You can wash it easily by putting it into the washing machine within a few minutes.

The bottom end of the mat is coated with expensive TPR Rubber backing, which is one of the best materials of its class. This type of coating also makes the mat skid resistant on different types of floor. However, you should always clean the bottom of the mat for the best experience.

6. Tufted Cotton Area Rugs

Price: $31.99

Tufted Cotton Area Rugs is our favorite simple bath mat. Although its tufted feels thick and luxurious underfoot, this mat is still slim enough to fit under a low-profile door—something other mats couldn’t do. We also found it to be more absorbent than other mats. Its densely packed tufted didn’t feel soggy after one person drip-dried on this mat, whereas others we tried soaked through immediately. This geometric area rug designed inspired by contemporary tribal style, incorporate popular bohemian elements. Bring an artistic and luxurious sense to your house. And this modern style can blend with any existing home decor.

The luxury tufted geometric tribal pattern design. Elegantly contoured shape complements any area.

7. Round Area Tassels Area Rug

Price: $32.99

Round Area Tassels Area Rug is made of 100% Polyester. The dense surface that is soft to the touch and pile that holds up against foot traffic like stepping on the cloud. It offers great underfoot and adds a touch of classic style to your home decor. The bottom is made of 100% environmental thermoplastic rubber, which gonna grip the floor more firmly. Environmentally-friendly, soft, easy to clean, and totally natural.

The smooth microfiber surface material is machine washable and promises to dry fast. You can toss this bath mat in the dryer without having to worry about the integrity of the fabric. This bath mat is one of the most affordable options on our list, it does come with a satisfaction guarantee to make sure you're pleased with your purchase.

8. Shaggy Bathroom Rug

Price: $24.99

This rug is made of 100% polyester, which felt more absorbent than the materials of other mats we tested, especially the synthetic and memory-foam rugs. It doesn’t slip, it’s durable, and it’s more absorbent than previous bath mats they’ve owned. Give your feet comfort with super soft thick shag bathroom rugs. These super absorbent rugs provide exceptional comfort and functional fashion with a chic high pile design.

Thick 2 inches of fluff, stylish color, practical and comfortable, very suitable for use in the shower. Shag bath rug features a rubber non-resistant TPR backing, keeping wet feet off of slipper tile and off of a slippery bathroom rug.


If you decorate all the rooms in your home, why keep the bathroom white? Believe it or not, your guests will also judge the taste of your decorations by observing the appearance of the bathroom. You can keep its luster and put in something vibrant to make your bathroom more attractive. Apart from that, make sure you put the best bathroom carpet on the market.

Now you may be thinking: "Why do I need the best bath blanket?" The correct bathroom carpet may change the overall shape of the bathroom from B to A. In addition, they are also important for safety so that you or your family will not slip on the bathroom floor.

Hope this article can help you!

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