Introducing Seavish

Featuring a diverse range of one-peice washable rugs to enrich your home, Seavish creates rugs and products designed to an affordable living aesthetic, bringing ambience and comfort to your spaces.


Soft, Cozy Comfort

Soft, timeless and textured, you'll love it forever. There's nothing more pleasing than seeing our creations appear exactly where they're supposed to be - in your home.

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Washable, Easy Care

The soft and dense craftsmanship makes it less lint-resistant and durable, you won't believe it's washable. Our affordable area rugs are perfect for everyday use while decorating your space.

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Safe, Kids & Pets Friendly

Complete with the non-slip backing design, these one-piece washable rugs have an amazing range of style options, let the fun begin with our easy-to-clean and pet-friendly area rugs.

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Rug Care & Information

How do I care for my rug?

Please make sure that you follow below steps:
1. Vacuum the front and back of the rug (low-power setting)
2. Bring the rug outside whack the back of it to get more dirt out.
3.1&2 for daily cleaning, if there are oil ink stains or uncleaned for a long time, then further cleaning is required.
4.Wash It with a damp sponge mix detergent(Always wash in the direction of the soft side). Lightly dab the rug to rinse it with your sponge.(Be careful not to soak the rug.)
5. Dry It. With clean towels, soak up the excess water in the rug. Then allow it to air-dry.
6.Or Machine Wash(Please operate step1 and step2 before machine wash.)
Then, wash it on cold with mild detergent, use a gentle setting, and allow it to air-dry. (Avoid continuous exposure to sunlight.)

How do I remove creases and bunching?

Roll the rug out, then roll it up in the opposite direction with the backside up. Let it sit rolled up for a few hours until it flflattens out.
Place objects or furniture on the affected areas for a few hours.
If your rug still won’t straighten, steam or heat the backside of the rug with a hair dryer or outside in the sun. Always hold a hair dryer 7–12 inches away from the rug and don’t leave a rug in the sun for more than 2 hours. Be aware that high temperatures may cause the backing to melt.

Is my rug non-slip?

Yes. Our rugs are made from the highest quality material with skid resistant backing(No Additional Rug Pad Needed), the non slip latex backing design is an ideal for laminate and wooden floor surfaces. Safe for daily areas where children or pets are active.(Keep the bottom of the rug always be dry.)

Is my rug machine-washable?

Yes, almost all of our rugs are machine washable, you can click on the washable rugs page to choose to buy or check the product page to see if it says machine washable.
However, it depends upon the size of the machine. For best results, we recommend a minimum washer size of 5.5+ cubic feet for an 8'x10' rug.